Kayaking now available!
Kayaking now available at Cedar Ridge trails!  On those HOT summer days ride early in the mornings then cool off and float down the Gasconade River!  Rent one of our kayaks or bring your own!
Kayak Pricing
Kayak rental:  $25.00

Kayak rental with drop off : $45.00​

per kayak
per Kayak
If you own and bring your own Kayak and would like to be dropped off  there is a $20 fee per kayak.
Kayak to one of the largest living Sycamore Tree in Missouri !!!!!!!!  Located on the Gasconade River!!
Kayak to The Cave!!!! On the Gasconade River!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes! The Sycamore Tree is so large at least 6 people can fit inside!
Please reserve your Kayak in advance. We have a limited amount of Kayaks. We offer Sit in Kayaks and Sit on Kayaks!!!

       Kayak to a hidden Cave located on the beautiful Gasconade River!!!!!